Birds! Slots

Birds! Slots
Betsoft has definitely brought online video slot gamers a different look a play to video slots gaming. Birds Slots is a visually stunning slot game that gives the gamer re imagined design and look. Beautiful birds of different colors and personalities and re-imagined way of spinning of the reels. The traditional symbols if classic slot games are replaced with modern day animated 3D graphics.

This 5x3 25 line format is not your normal layout that you may be use too. The rows are replaced with electrical lines connected to polls set among a country farming lands full of sunflowers and clear blue skies. A variation of birds will flock in and land on the powerlines and wait for you to make you choices.

Birds of the Feather Stay Together: Birds slots

So instead of spinning rows of traditional icons the 15 skillfully animated different colored birds will fly in to perch onto the wires. If there is a match among the reels the Leader of the matching bird will fly out and boast its combination and the winning matches fly off and new birds come flying into their place to give you chances for more winning combinations.

The special effects and sounds are cartoon like and rival with the best of movie animated Hollywood movies. The chirpy flock of birds will reward you with prizes for every winning combination of matching birds. Birds slots has very easy rules and options. User friendly controls make selecting your coin size, bet level a breeze. You may play in Autoplay mode. When activated you choose you coin size and bet level and see the reels take action and bring you winnings. Coin sizes are as follows, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00. With 1-5 coins per line and with a max bet of &25.

No Angry Birds Here: Birds slots

The wild of the game is a wild multicolored bird that has the capacity to replace all symbols. The big earning feature is with the free flight system, which are basically the same as free spins, each winning flight which follows on from another fills the free flight bar to the left of the screen, the more flights in a row you get, after a minimum of four to trigger the free spins, adds more and more free flights, in fact in theory, they are unlimited.

Even though Betsofts Birds crazy way of playing, that seems as far from traditional as you can get there is a traditional gamble game that it features. After each and every win in the main game, you get the option to flip a golden coin for heads and tails, you can bet either 50% or 100% of your existing earnings.

No Flocking Around Here: Birds slots

Betsoft’s Birds slots is a fun, rewarding, online video slot game. Take a refreshing break from the same old games and step into the future of video gaming. Before you even start playing you will see and hear the advance level of design and creativity. Before you leave you will enjoy the rewards and gameplay.