Fire & Steel Slots

Fire and Steel is a new slot game from Betsoft that’s themed after the ancient gods. This slot game is mystical, it shows off a dragon and ancient warriors. Not only does it look nice, but it’s packed with cool features that will keep new players coming back again and again. There are so many different options to explore and the game is worth trying out. Give it a try today and you’ll quickly see that it has plenty to offer.

Unique Shape

The thing that stands out the most about Fire and Steel initially is the odd shape that the game is in. When you play this slot it’s actually in a diamond shape and the paylines are in a unique configuration. This keeps things exciting and gives you different combinations to look for as you play the game. While we aren’t sure if the configuration adds or takes away from the game, it certainly helps to make it an interesting option for players to try out at least once.

Wild Beams

Get either the Shieldmaiden or the Swordsman symbols on the reels of Fire and Steel and you’ll be given a special bonus that keeps the game interesting and helps you win more prizes. The instant one of those two symbols shows up, the screen will light up with a glowing beam that transforms everything it touches into a wild. This means you’ll get a bunch of wilds across the line of the game, and you’ll have even better odds of winning money as well.

Special Bonus Feature

Getting the shieldmaiden or the swordsman symbols on the reels unlike a cool feature, but getting them both at the same time unlocks an even more exclusive feature. This special bonus round gives you 10 free spins to play with. During those spins you’ll enjoy a sticky wild that’s locked into position right where the two beams cross. Not only that, but you’ll see the two symbols showing up on the reels and awarding you with even more perks during the free spin rounds.

Double Payout Lines

Most paylines only pay right to left or left to right, but not both. When you play Fire and Steel you’ll actually receive payment for both directions that winning symbols appear in. That means double the prizes and some very major winning opportunities. Enjoy them while they last and do everything you can to unlock even more in the future.