Jackpot Gagnant Slots

Jackpot Gagnant Slots
Everyone knows what the word jackpot means, and if you have played a few slot games already, you will certainly be adept at spotting the games with jackpots involved. However, do you have any idea what gagnant means?

We didn’t, but some research revealed this is a French word that translates to ‘winner’. So, if you play this game, you could indeed be a jackpot winner if things go your way. Now we’ve got past that element of the game, let’s see what else it can offer us.

Jackpot Gagnant reels and win lines

This is a small game with three reels on offer and five win lines spread across them.

Coin values

As many as 10 coins can be placed on each line, so look through the coin selection to work out what bet level you will be happy to play. This slot machine offers a taste of an original game, mainly because different prizes will ‘light up’ as you select your bet. Watch out for this so you can see which prizes you could score if you do manage to get a winning combination with your chosen bet.

Are there special symbols in play?

We’ve mentioned the classic ‘light up’ element of the game, but there are other classic elements involved here as well. Watch out for the fruit, for example, not to mention some gold stars. You will also get a lady popping up on the reels, and she is the jackpot symbol. Manage to find her in every position on a payline and the jackpot for your played number of coins will be yours. Wouldn’t that be an achievement to celebrate?

Bonus feature possibilities

Did you spot the Supermeter in Jackpot Gagnant yet? If so, you will see it appears above the reels, displayed between the parts of the paytable. While not a bonus, it does reveal a mystery win if you play the maximum bet and two ladies appear on one paid line.

Download and play the Jackpot Gagnant slot game now

Jackpot Gagnant has an unusual title, as you can see, but it also has an unusual selection of features within the gameplay. If you get the chance to try this one, we would recommend it. If you can find a bet to suit, this could be a different way to enjoy a slot game right now.