Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slots

When reviewing this new slot game, I was quite surprised to find a letter in the introduction. There is a beautiful woman set in a Gold Pendant. To her right is this letter. “Dear _________, Treasure has been found deep in the lost tombs of Egypt. Fabled to be the burial ground of the actual physical embodiment of the Gods themselves, this place is thought to be both richly valuable, and deeply dangerous. Your skill and valor are needed on this mission. Sincerely yours, Professor Finnley Orgarian.” Now what do you make of this? In another surprise, under the picture, there are two buttons – customize and random. When you click on Random, many other faces show up on the pendant. The Customization button allows you to choose: Hero selection, Border style, and Background style. Wow!

About the Game: A New Revolution in Gaming

First off, the picture shown in the intro is a bit eerie. However, this is a new game from Betsoft and naturally, we can expect only the best from this software brand. With its ancient Egyptian theme, we are already told in the letter that this “mission” can be lucrative but dangerous. Therefore, we advise you to read the pay table to see exactly what the symbols, payouts, and special features are in this game. But before you do, you will have to be advised that this is not your traditional slot game, but more of a live video game where you are inside an Egyptian tomb, and all around you are scarabs crawling about, along with mummies, and fighters. Basically, this is an interactive shooting game, and if you are an avid video player, you will absolutely LOVE this game.

Playing the Game

There are no set pay lines in this game, but you can place your coin bets from one cent to $25, with up to 500 coins per attempt. The concept behind this game is that players will place their bets by choosing ammunition available and purchase it. The player will be invited to choose a room where he thinks he will find the treasure. This can be done by shooting the enemy. Or should I say enemies! As the players goes through each room, special features will be added to the game on each level. You can buy bullets (which is the player’s way of making a bet). After selecting the bullets, a room will be selected by the player. Players can go up against five other players in the room. The shooting begins, and the first level will allow the player only one type of gun with which to choose from. But as the player progresses through the game, different weapons will be at his or her disposal. Note that each level will consist of more options and certainly more creatures and warriors to shoot down.


This appears to be one of the most fascinating games produced by Betsoft. I look forward to playing it and to give my full review. It is awesome that at this time in online casino history, we have begun to move to a different genre of “slot" games.