Will the Tipsy Tourist Bring You Some Luck?

The Tipsy Tourist might sound like someone you could meet on holiday, but here you will meet him on the reels of this Betsoft slot game. The theme is fairly self-explanatory, but you will definitely want to try the game itself to see how things work. And who knows, you could be in for a great time – and some great prizes.

The cut scene at the beginning gets you into the mood, and you can soon find yourself ready to bag some winnings.

What number of paylines and reels are used here?

You can enjoy five reels in action in the game, and a total of 20 paylines.

What could you wager on the game?

The smallest value of coin will be the two-cent one, while the largest goes up to a dollar.

What kinds of symbols are used in Tipsy Tourist?

Watch out for the beach ball, as this is the scatter symbol. You can win some free spins if you manage to get the beach ball on the third, fourth and fifth reels simultaneously.

The wild is the beach sign symbol. This acts in the normal manner, but you can also enjoy the Clingy Wild feature whenever you trigger the free spins. This means that when a wild appears during the free spins round, it will remain in place until you have finished your free spins. If more appear, they will be stuck too.

Can you expect to see a bonus round?

Yes, there is one of these available to enjoy as well. This is the Drinking Bonus, and you need three red cups on the first three reels all together. Guess whether a coin will flip to heads or tails, and try and make your opponent drink instead of you. The more you get right, the more you win!

Download and enjoy playing Tipsy Tourist today!

We rather liked this game, mainly because it is good fun and has lots of unusual features. The Clingy Wild in the free spins round makes that more interesting, and it is great to unlock the bonus round proper as well.

There are lots of opportunities to win some nice prizes, and the quality of the game screen and graphics is great, too. Whatever bet amount you choose to play with, you can definitely look forward to an exciting time playing the Tipsy Tourist game from Betsoft.