Top Dog Slots

Top Dog Slots
No prizes here for guessing this game is all about dogs. And yes, it does take place at a pet pooch competition of sorts. The game began for us with a blank screen, which was a little disconcerting, but it wasn’t an issue. You’ll see a guy with a big gold cup at one side of the screen, and some dogs behind him. What happens next? Let’s find out. Once we got started, we liked what we saw!

Reels and lines

There are 25 lines to play here at most, and you get five reels, although they’re impossible to see until you start playing.

Bet amounts

From 25 cents to $250, there are plenty of bet options to choose from when you decide to give Top Dog slots a try. That means you’re wagering from one cent to $10 per line.

Does the Top Dog slot have any special icons in play?

The bulldog is used as a wild and appears on reels two, three, and four. It will replace most other symbols, except for the chocolate Labrador. That, as you might guess, is the scatter.

What about bonus features?

Well, that chocolate Labrador might come in mighty useful, because when you find three or more of them anywhere on the reels, you will get a free games feature. No word is given on how many free games you get, but we guess that merely adds to the fun. We suspect you get the same number of spins no matter how many scattered Labradors you get, providing you find at least three.

Download and play the Top Dog slot today!

So, this game features several dog breeds and their eager owners, ready to try and scoop some prizes. You will be ready to try and achieve the same thing, of course, and since you also have a random jackpot to shoot for, there is a lot to look forward to.

The design is more basic than you will have seen in other slot games, but it still looks good and it is an appealing game to try. If you enjoy playing slot games that feature animals, especially our pampered pooches, maybe this one will be Top Dog of them all. Check it out today and see if it provides enough entertainment for you to enjoy. Will it be a big paws up from you?