Frog Hunter Slots

Frog Hunter Slots
There is a cheeky frog in this game from Betsoft, and while this doesn’t qualify as one of their 3D slots, it does look great and is a lot of fun to play, too. It is presented on a black background, surrounded by leaves and vines, and you get lots of fruit on the reels, too.

But is the frog a help or a hindrance to your play? Let’s find out what that frog can do for you.

Reels and paylines

This game offers you five reels, but you might be surprised when you realize there are just five lines to bet on.

Bet options

The smallest coin is two cents, but that means the minimum bet is a mere 10 cents, since there are only five lines involved. You can increase your coin size to $5 a time if you like.

Frog Hunter special symbols

Unusually, there are no wilds or scatters in this game. So, have we encountered a game that looks great but has little to tempt you to play? No, we haven’t. Read more to find out about the bonus features that await you…

Can you unlock bonus features in this slot game?

One of the icons is a dragonfly, and when this appears to the right of the male frog, or to the left of the female frog, you trigger the Dragonfly Bonus. Play on to find out how multipliers come into play in this bonus.

There is another cool bonus too, known as the Water Lily Bonus. This one is triggered by getting three or more water lilies appearing on adjacent reels. You then see the pond filled with lily pads, and you must help the frog get across the pond without getting into danger. There is a crocodile hidden somewhere around the center row of lily pads, so try to avoid him to make a successful crossing.

Get ready to download and play Frog Hunter today!

The game is a cool one, although there is no autoplay feature, so you cannot just sit back and watch things happen. Mind you, we enjoyed playing Frog Hunter slots and we think lots of players will enjoy watching for the two bonus features to pop up. Will you be among them, and if you are, will you win some cool prizes when they are triggered? There is just one way to find out.