Robin in the Woods Slots

What does a Locked Vault, a Bulls Eye, and Love and Arrows all have in common? These are the most brilliant features you will find when you play Robin in the Woods Slots. In addition, there are some sublime extra features that you will really enjoy playing. Needless to say, who doesn’t remember watching Robin Hood on TV? This is a superb new slot game that all of us who enjoyed the TV series can hook onto.

What a Game!

The theme of this game is truly exemplified by the symbols. The Wild symbols substitute for all other symbols to form winning combinations. These symbols do not substitute for the Arrow, the Locked Vault, or the Young Lady (Is it Lady Marion?). Note that the wilds are also stacked wilds, adding more winning payouts. The symbols of note include: Robin, a Knight, a Treasure Chest, a Bag of Gold, and wooden card symbols consisting of hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs. This game has two jackpots: a Cash Grab and a Mystery. Oh, but wait until you play the special features!

The Locked Vault Feature

This feature is triggered when you get 2 Arrow symbols and a Locked Vault Symbol on the reels. The Locked Vault symbol will appear on reel 3 only. When the Locked Vault symbol appears on the reels, the reels will slide backwards, and the bow (which you can see from the right hand corner of the slot) will shoot a steel arrow that hits and opens the lock. The chains will fall to the ground and the doors will open to reveal your prize. (I won $72 with the Locked Vault symbol opening on my first spin).

The Bulls Eye Feature

This feature is activated when two Arrow symbols land on reels 1 and 5, and the Locked Vault symbol doesn’t appear at all. Once again, the reels will slide backwards. The bow will automatically shoot 3 arrows, and each arrow will stick to a different symbol on the reels, turning them into sticky wilds and giving you 3 re-spins.

Love and Arrows Free Spins Feature

The Young Lady symbol will trigger this round when three of her symbols appear on the reels. When this occurs, two Love Hearts will pop up in front of the reels. You will be asked to select one of the hearts to get one of two free spin modes. The first free spin mode will award you with 10 free spins. During this round, two or more arrows may be randomly added to the reels. Then each arrow will be shot and, if it hits a symbol, the entire reel will become an extended wild. Up to two arrows can hit the same reel. When this happens, the reel will become a double stacked reel. The double stacked wild will pay out double. In the free spins mode two, 10 free spins will be awarded as well. During this round, between 2 and 4 arrows may be given at random. Each arrow will be shot once again and, if it hits a symbol, it will become a sticky wild until the free spins round ends. This is one of the most exciting rounds in the game.

Target Feature in Free Spins Mode 1 and 2

A Golden Arrow can be loaded on the bow at random. This spin will be replaced by the golden arrow that will be shot to hit the target that appears in front of the reels. It will give you one of three prizes: Center Bulls Eye awards a major prize; Middle Ring awards a minor prize; and an Outer Ring will award a mini prize.

Play Robin in the Woods Slots

Robin in the Woods Slots is SUPERB! This is a showcase slot if ever I saw one. Both the design and the value of this slot game are unrivaled. Play Robin in the Woods Slots at Drake Flash Casino and enjoy a treasure of a game.