Blood Eternal Slots

Blood Eternal Slots

Blood Eternal is a fun new vampire slot game from BetSoft with a lot to look forward to. This slot game comes packed with special bonus features, some really potent prizes and just a lot to offer overall. If you’re looking for a cool new slot that can pay out monstrous prizes, you should take a moment to get to know this 6 reel slot from BetSoft

Cool Theme

Blood Eternal is all about Vampires and mysticism. The game features a good collection of symbols including blood vials, gargoyles, vampires and more. The whole time you play you’ll feel like you are in a fantasy setting that’s captivating and exciting.

Tons of Winning Opportunities

Blood Eternal is a slot game with six reels and 30 different paylines. Not only does this game have an additional reel over what most people are used to, but it also pays left to right or right to left. No matter what way you get a win you’ll get paid for it, making it infinitely easier to unlock some serious prizes while playing.

Watch for the Double Bats

Bats are one of the most valuable symbols on the Blood Eternal slot game, and that’s why it’s so exciting that there are double bat symbols. The double bat symbols count as two bats in a single line, and they make it possible to trigger wins for as many as 12 bat symbols on one payline in this slot game. That type of win pays out 50,000 coins, which is significant no matter how much money you are betting while playing the slot game.

Massive Maximum Win

While playing Blood Eternal it’s possible to win as much as 965,620 coins in a single spin of the reels. That’s a huge potential win that could leave you win millions from one spin. This alone should be enough to get most players interested in the game, even if you aren’t interested in the vampire theme that this game is based on. Blood Eternal is fast becoming a popular online slot game an it’s something that more players should try out at least once. Check out BetSoft casinos for a test of the game and you might just get addicted to it. With massive jackpot prizes there’s a lot of cash on the line when you play this game, and the cool theme of the game helps it to stand out as something that you’ll want to test out at least once.