Legend of the Nile Slots

Legend of the Nile is unlike most other video slot games that you’ll try out today. It features a range of special bonuses and features that make things much more interesting. Not only that, but the game offers some pretty huge jackpots too. Overall it’s an interesting slot game, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the right game for you. That’s why we decided to give it a try to give our recommendation about whether or not it’s worth the time to play.

Unique Cluster Combos

One of the coolest features of Legend of the Nile slots is the cluster feature that it relies on to pick out prizes for players. If four matching symbols are next to one another in a square pattern, or larger combinations in the same shape, they will be eliminated, a prize will be awarded and more symbols will take their place. The game has the feel of an arcade game like bejeweled or candy crush, but it’s for real money.

Chain Combinations

With each win in Nile Slots new symbols cascade down on top of the old ones that are removed. This creates additional opportunities

Double up Bet

This slot also offers a bet feature, allowing you to double your winnings from other bets. The moment that you get a win, you can choose to bet it by choosing heads or tails. Choose right and you’ve effectively doubled your money. This feature is a bit unique because it allows you to bet the whole prize amount, or half of the money for a chance to increase your winnings by half while making sure that you still get some of them.

Anubis and Isis Free Spin Rounds

Some of the best wins that you’ll get from this slot game come from the Anubis and Isis symbols. They can be used to trigger a special free spin round. These symbols also pay out prize money outside of the free spin round as well. Each time that you win a prize using the Isis symbol, or the Anubis symbol, the multiplier for that symbol in the free spin round increases slightly. Over time that multiplier will continue to grow until you eventually unleash it in its prospective free spin round. One cool thing about these multipliers is that they continue to grow, even from one play session at the slot game to the next until you get the free spin round. That means you don’t have to worry about losing your progress towards a huge free spin round, which is perfect for all the casual players out there.

Ra Special Prizes

The Ra symbols serve a few very special purposes in this slot game. They work to unlock another free spin round, and build up a multiplier much like Isis or Anubis, but they can also be used to unlock the potentially massive progressive jackpot, or to unlock huge jackpot prizes up to 400x. To do this, just build up the Ra multiplier to pass the top base amount and you’ll trigger special features.

Legend of the Nile is an excellent slot game with a lot to offer to players interested in a new and interesting slot game. This game features special cluster prize payouts, special multiplier build up rounds, and a whole lot of potential money through very large prizes.