Giovanni's Gems Slots

Giovanni's Gems may sound like one of the many online slots that revolve around previous gems. But this game is one of a kind thanks to its unique theme and 7 reels. Let's continue discussing the theme and interesting format along with everything else you can expect from Giovanni's Gems slots.

Symbols and Theme

This slot takes you into a hidden forest cove that's full of treasure. The cove itself is what makes Giovanni's Gems special because it features rich graphics, a long-lost statue, twisting trees, and wildlife. You'll also see Giovanni standing off to the left, dressed in a cloak and carrying a torch. Betsoft, the game's maker, did an excellent job of creating a story where a man finds countless riches in a hidden forest area.

Symbols include a pickax, emerald, ruby, sapphire, amethyst, citrine, coal, sack of gems) torch, and Giovanni. Giovanni triggers free games while the coal turns into diamonds under special circumstances (covered later). The sack of gems pays the most of any regular symbol at 1,500 coins for 25+ symbols.

As you can tell from the "25+ symbols" aspect, Giovanni's Gems doesn't have pay lines like conventional slots. Instead, you're dealing with a 7x6 grid (instead of the 5x3 standard) where you form wins in clusters. As long as enough symbols are connected in adjacent reels, you'll win a prize.

We can't say enough about how much the graphics and animations add to this game. Speaking of the latter, you get to see unique animations every time a win is formed. Examples include Giovanni raising his hands and yelling "yeah," coal turning into diamonds, gems sparking during wins, and gold coins shooting at the screen during payouts.

Giovanni Gem's Special Features

Giovanni's Gems offers several special features, including rolling reels, a double-up option, free spins, and coal changing to diamonds. Starting with the rolling reels (a.k.a. cascading reels), symbols from every winning combination disappear. This allows icons from above to fall and take their place, giving you the chance to net more wins within the same round.

The double-up option is available following any win. When selected, you must choose whether or not a card's color will be red or black. You can decide whether to gamble all or 50 percent of your winnings.

Giovanni serves as a scatter symbol who triggers free spins. You need to land 5 Giovanni symbols anywhere on the reels to get free games. He can deliver anywhere from 7 free games (5 symbols) to 50 free spins (25+ symbols).

As mentioned before, coal can morph into diamonds. This is important because diamonds are special icons that pay more than anything else. You can win up to 3,000 coins with 25+ diamond symbols.

Betting Options

Again, Giovanni's Gems doesn't have pay lines. But it works like a 30-line game because you must bet 30 credits per spin. Adjustable options include the coin size and bet level (a.k.a. coins per line).

Coin size can be adjusted from $0.02 to $1,00, while bet level can be changed from 1 to 5. This makes for a minimum bet of $0.60 per spin, and a max wager of $150.00.

Other options include the ability to turn background music, sound effects, game music, and turbo play on and off.

Final Thoughts on Giovanni Gem's

Don't let the name fool you - Giovanni's Gems is not just a run-of-the-mill slot about diamonds. Instead, this game offers plenty of features, rich graphics, exciting animations, and an interesting theme.

The graphics and atmosphere are our favorite parts of this game. But the features, including free spins, rolling reels, and a double-up game, are also nice. The only downside is the high minimum spin cost ($0.60). But Giovanni's Gems pays frequently enough that most players can get past this. That said, we highly recommend that you give Giovanni's Gems a try!