Gypsy Rose Slots

gypsy rose slotsGypsy Rose is a giveaway title, really, because it instantly brings to mind the presence of a fortune teller. You won't be disappointed when you see this is the case, thanks to the wonderful graphics and development of the theme. There's a lot of detail here, and it is definitely more than your average slot game.

Will the Tarot cards reveal prizes are waiting for you, or will they reveal something else? Why not find out by reading our review of this smart slot game?

Reels and paylines

This is quite a cool game, because it reveals five reels and 30 paylines.

Betting options

The smallest bet is two cents and the biggest is $150.

Special symbols in play in Gypsy Rose

Some games use the word wild to represent that same symbol, and that's the case here - albeit in slightly swirly writing. It appears on just the first and fifth reels. If you get a wild on one of the first three paylines on both the first and fifth reels, Gypsy Rose will throw a few other wilds onto the reels as well. An additional symbol is also transformed into a wild, and you will then see whether you have won any other prizes.

Bonus features to explore

There isn't a scatter in the game, but there is an opportunity to get a crystal ball on the third reel on a payline you have bet on. If this happens, you must also get a high-value symbol on either side of the crystal ball. This sounds complex, but if it occurs you will have a chance to win one of four bonuses. The bonus given is dependent on which symbols appear either side of the crystal ball.

The Love Potion free spins gives you some free spins to enjoy and you might also be able to trigger them to happen again. On the other hand, you might be granted a Tarot Card bonus. There are seven Tarot card picks for you to make, and your prize is given according to what you pick.

The third option is a Crow Wild Re-spin. The crows transform into wilds and stay in place while the reels re-spin. Finally, the Magic Book instant win feature can bring you a prize of as much as 20x your total bet on the triggering spin.

Download and play Gypsy Rose slots today!

Wow! Lots to look forward to here, so why not get stuck in and play Gypsy Rose slots now?