Pixiu Slots

We have seen more dragons appear in new slot games in recent months; Pixiu Slots included. This is a highly lucrative game and is primarily for high rollers as well. But you can use the smaller denominations and work your way up as this is a fascinating game to play. The background of this Chinese theme-based slot shows a temple, waterfall to the right, and lots of foliage. The slot itself encompasses most of the screen, giving you better views with which to play and read the pay table. By the way, the pay table allows you to scroll down instead of moving through the pages.

About the Game

Pixiu has three progressive jackpots: Cash Grab, Mystery, and Super Slots. This game also has a myriad of levels which are described in the pay table. We do recommend you read this pay table as it will explain the rules of the game, the levels, the symbols and payouts, and more. To get to the payable, simply click on the question mark at the bottom left of the slot. The gear icon to the right of the slot allows you to adjust the volume and speed, along with other aspects of the game.

Playing the Game

There are a total of 5 symbols plus the Bonus symbol. There are card symbols as well, and thank goodness there are only three of them. We talked about the number of levels in this game. There is a level counter at the top right of the slot, and the pay table indicates how many spins it takes to climb up the levels. The highest level is 4, and all prizes increase as you go to each level. These levels allow the player to win increased amounts when playing the bonus game; increase the number of free spins from 10 to 25; and increase the player’s bonus amount. As mentioned, the level counter at the top will also let the player know when the next level is coming up by indicating the number of spins left.

Feature Selector

There are three Scatter symbols consisting of colored gold coins. These symbols will trigger the feature selector. You, as the player, will have the option to either receive a pre-defined bonus amount; a free spins round; or a bonus round.

The Free Spins Round

The number of free spins changes depending upon the number of spins played in the current session. If you choose the free spins round in the feature selector, the amount of spins you will receive are as follows: 10 free spins if you are at level 1; 15 free spins if you are at level 2; 20 free spins if you are at level 3; and 25 spins if you are at level 4.

Jade and Gold Bonus Round

If you choose the Bonus Round instead, you will find 4 gold coins and 4 jade coins. You will be asked to select just 1 of the 8 coins shown. The coin can either reveal a prize if the Pixiu is larger, or end the bonus round if the coin turns into stone. You have a chance to receive high prizes in the bonus round when it changes levels. After 75 spins, you are at the maximum number of spins to guarantee a larger payout.

Play Pixiu Slots

This is quite an intriguing game as the payouts are based on the features you choose. No doubt you will be playing this game for hours so that you can get to choose all of the features to see what happens. Join us and play Pixiu Slots at Drake Flash Casino.