Magic Shoppe Slots

Consider magic. Magic is the art of illusion. It often involves doing a trick like escaping from handcuffs. Harry Houdini was a famous magician. He was known for elaborate escapes. Sigfried and Roy were two famous magicians who ruled the Vegas Strip from 1990 to 2003 with their white tiger magic show.

You are in for a real treat if you like magic and slot machines. This is a game that takes online gambling to new heights.

Right off the bat the developers of the game deserve major credit for an original theme. The back story or theme in the game is the idea of a magic shop. Online gambling has a glut of slot machines about Roman Emperors and ancient Egypt. This is certainly a fresh and original theme.

This is one of the better slot machine games I have played. It is a lot of fun. This is a video slot with cutting edge graphics, sounds, and animations. You can clearly tell the developers took pride in their creation and did not merely churn out a game.

Let's break down the slot machine reel symbols. The back story or theme in the game is the idea of a magic shop. The poker symbols appear as actual cards. There are skulls that float. The skulls have these glowing symbols on them. Magicians like Houdini have used handcuffs. The game logically incorporates magician props like these as slot symbols. The amount of detail and attention to detail really pays off. You feel like you are in some dark magic shop. It is truly captivating and imaginative.

The game has 5 reels and 25 pay-lines. There are a variety of potential profitable combos with the slot machine reel symbols. The developers of this game deserve lots of credit for creating a fun game. Gamblers can decide to wager the amount that they are comfortable with. This is a great game that seeks to appeal to a wide range not just high rollers.

A new classic?

You, the online casino gambler, have many options when it comes to picking an online slot machine to play. Perhaps, you should try this innovative and fun slot machine. You will be in for a magical time! I predict that the makers of this game have a hit on their hands. This game is going to go down as a classic that fans of online slot machines are going to be playing for years to come.